Kids University

Kids University

"This is a chance to come and discover university life, while playing the role of a researcher."

Kids University is an event organized by the Jardin des Sciences (JDS),a department whose mission is to develop the scientific and technological culture at the University of Strasbourg. It is therefore quite natural that, since 2015, Doctoneuro joins the JDS for this event.

Kids University gives secondary students the opportunity to spend a day at the university, like real college students. They can take part in practical work, lectures, conferences and meals at the university restaurant.

Doctoneuro organizes a practical workshop called « The Mysteries of the Brain » which allows young students to discover the brain in a fun and practical way.

Several activities are organized: handling models of brains of different species, observing brain sections using a microscope, using micropipettes, understanding the role of cerebrospinal fluid, brain folds etc.