Cohesive Weekend

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29 30 April 2023
8h 19h

Doctoneuro's Weekend 2023 : DoctoExpress

The best week-end of the year is back !!

Doctoneuro is proud to announce the opening of the sales for the Doctoneuro week-end !! 

This year, it will be in Ste-Marie aux Mines, in a little chalet in the Vosges, a few minutes away from Strasbourg. 

Clear your schedule, it will happen on Saturday 29th of April & Sunday 30th of April

We will leave at 8 am from the Doctoral School (46 boulevard de la Victoire) and we'll return on the 30th of April at 7:00 pm (same place).

This year, we're offering early bird rates: 30 euros/spot until April 10th

Don't worry though, in case you forget, late bird sales (40 euros/spot) will be available April 10th until April 14th.

Take your spot here!

Of course, if you have a last minute impediment, we'll accept cancellations up to april 19th at 12h.

Little reminder : you must absolutely be a member to sign up (for insurance reasons).

If you're not one of our lovely members yet: 

Register here!

New this year, it will be mandatory to read and sign an internal regulation (to return by mail at, or by hand to Baptiste Brulé).

We can't wait to see you all there !

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Doctoneuro Cohesive Weekend

Every year, Doctoneuro organizes a cohesive weekend for Master students and PhD students

This event provids opportunities  to get to know each other over a drink in a relaxed atmosphere.

Many activities are planned: hiking, scavenger hunt & defis, board games, tournaments (petanque, mölkky), sunbathing, etc. 

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