Volodya HOVHANNISYAN  General Support

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Your name / Ton nom:
Volodya, but everyone calls me Valod !

Your position in Doctoneuro / Ton poste à Doctoneuro:
CM Pedagogy

Your education / Ton parcours scolaire:
I did a scientific baccalaureate then integrated life science faculty at the university of strasbourg and after my bachelor I followed the courses of Neuroscience Master.

What you're currently doing / Ce que tu fais actuellement:
I’m at the third of my PhD at the INCI, working on morphine the role of the glial cells in the morphine metabolism.

What brought you to do that / Ce qui t’as amené à faire ça:
Passion and incredible supervisor !

What you'd like to do after that / Ce que tu veux-penses faire après:
Tough question but I have hopes to continue in the research field.

What brought you to invest yourself in Doctoneuro / Ce qui t’a amené à t’investir dans Doctoneuro:
Mostly to organize cool events the last year when I was co-ambassador of the pedagogy pole 

What are your projects-objectives for Doctoneuro / Tes projets-objectifs dans Doctoneuro:
I don’t have any project for this year to be honest, I just want to help if there are cool events that are planned in the different poles ! 

What’s your favorite show to recommend / Quelle est ta série préférée à recommander?
Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Your eco-friendly tip for a better future / Ton astuce écolo pour un futur meilleur
Ride a bike !