Henrico-Pio BASILE

Henrico-Pio BASILE  Communication Ambassador

English version

Your name:
Henrico-Pio BASILE

Your position in Doctoneuro:
Communication Ambassador 

Your education:
French+Lebanese Baccalaureat
Bachelor in Psychology
Master's in Cognitive Neurosciences with a major in pain studies (EURIDOL program)

What you're currently doing:
I'm in M2, currently undergoing my 6 months internship, working on the supra-spinal effects of antidepressants on chronic pain.

What brought you to do that:
I've always been interested in behaviors, especially unwanted wants (like anxiety and depression), so I turned towards the root of all our problems (and solutions): the brain! 

What you'd like to do after that:
My ultimate goal would be to become a professor of neuroscience... I still have a long way to go *hehe*

What brought you to invest yourself in Doctoneuro:
I've already been the communication ambassador for another student association and enjoyed it!
So I'm doing it all again! 

What are your projects-objectives for Doctoneuro:
I'd love to be able to breathe in a new life to all of Doctoneuro's platforms! So far so good...

What’s your favorite show to recommend?
It depends on the genre and the mood of the day...
I would recommend "The H3H3 Podcast" to anyone any day tho... I'm a true foopatroopa

Your eco-friendly tip for a better future
Coming from a country that doesn't acknowledge the eco-friendly lifestyle, I would recommend everyone just to do one eco-friendly action a day, at least...