Enora LANGLOIS  Secretary

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Your name / Ton nom:
Langlois Enora 

Your position in Doctoneuro / Ton poste à Doctoneuro:
Statutory Secretary 

Your education / Ton parcours scolaire:
Bachelor in biology with a major in Cellular and Molecular Biology in Vannes. Then, Master in Cognitive Neurosciences in Strasbourg, with a major in pain during the second year of master.

What you're currently doing / Ce que tu fais actuellement:
In the 2nd year of Master's degree in Euridol studies.

What brought you to do that / Ce qui t’as amené à faire ça:
I am interested in science in general and more specifically in the brain. I like to understand. 

What you'd like to do after that / Ce que tu veux-penses faire après:
I am interested in emotional behaviors, whether in the context of pathologies or in fundamentals, so I wish to become a researcher in this field. 

What brought you to invest yourself in Doctoneuro / Ce qui t’a amené à t’investir dans Doctoneuro:
I wanted to get involved in an association for some time and I also wanted to help my colleagues to set up their projects. 

What are your projects-objectives for Doctoneuro / Tes projets-objectifs dans Doctoneuro:

What’s your favorite show to recommend / Quelle est ta série préférée à recommander?
I'm a big fan of anime but I also like silly series like the bigbang theory and right now I'm addicted to Sherlock so I think it depends on the mood. 

Your eco-friendly tip for a better future / Ton astuce écolo pour un futur meilleur
I don't eat a lot of meat and I think that the minimal ecological action is the awareness of each of our acts, it is for me the most important.