Claire TERZULLI  Scientific Ambassador 2018-20

Hello everyone, 
Today, we’ll be presenting Claire Terzulli, our Scientific Animations vice-president and also, Mrs Jourdain, the main character in the upcoming theatre play organized by Neurex.

After a cognitive sciences degree in Lyon, Claire integrated the neuroscience master program in Strasbourg: “To be clear, I didn’t understand what was about to happen to me. It resulted in an extra 7kg and a sleep debt until 2030. But in the end, the whole promotion managed to survive the master’s without too much aftermath.” We’re happy that it’s not just us!

Claire started her PhD this year, she’s studying hypnosis and reality: “ It’s a partnership between the INCI and a start-up in Strasbourg, that’s offering a hypnosis software program in VR (virtual reality) to decrease pain and anxiety in patients at the hospital. My project will be to evaluate the benefit and feasibility of adapting the software to patients with chronic pain (rather interesting!)”.

When we asked her why she chose this academic path, Claire answered “I’ve always wanted to work in research but in diverse and varied branches. When I was little, I wanted to be an entomologist, to travel the world looking for insects (I saw it as being a real life Pokemon tamer). The dream ended when I realized I was terrified of ants (I mean like really). So I hesitated between the brain and the sky. My math skills being limited, astrophysics seemed a little complicated, so the choice was made.” Beware of an ant attack, Claire… 

The after-thesis is alway a delicate subject with PhD students. Claire is giving herself the 3 years to think about it “It will probably depend on the degree of the depression”. 

To her, Doctoneuro is a beautiful project, with a lot of cohesion and solidarity between the promotions. It’s an active community that loves to share and present the world of neuroscience to little and older ones alike. That’s what brought her to invest herself in the association. Isn’t that nice ? 

Her role is to organize the neurotechs (presentations done by PhD students, at the K’fet des Sciences, all in a warm ambiance) and she invites you all to come and participate. She also takes care of inter-association cohesion, with Ekos in Nancy for example ‘This allows us to discover new fields connected to neuroscience that aren’t present in Strasbourg”. It’s a very important role in the development of an association. 

Her last word “For the master students, I have but one word: COHESION !! You need it to survive, to go out, to “eating ice cream potS to treat your depression” after a failed IDSN presentation, with your promo. But most important, you have to be interested in everything, keep an open mind and the will to change things, for yourself and your projects!” To your ice cream pots then !