Hello everyone !

This time of our “charges de mission” (CM), the people who help us with specific projects ! This week, we’ll present Chloe Guillaume, CM pedagogy. 

After obtaining her scientific bac followed by a bachelor in Life Sciences in Nantes (Chloe put quite a few hearts on Nantes, but we took them off), Chloe integrated the Cognitive Neuroscience master in Strasbourg (here we accept the hearts).

She’s currently going the M2 internship at the ICube, working on sugar perception in children “I look at brain activity during a sweet stimulus and see if this activity can be modulated by external factors such as their body mass index (BMI), their sugar intake frequency and their preferences. I really like the theme because I love sensory modalitites such as taste and olfaction.

The choice of a master’s program was hard for Chloe : “I love so many different things… I could see myself as a biology anthropologist, an oenologue or a science historian (how coherent !). And so I decided to study one of my favorite subjects, the problem being that there is no neuroscience in Bretagne… So I hesitated quite a long time and finally, I chose the Strasbourg master program, because it was the one that I liked the most. I don’t regret it at all, neuroscience being one of the most fascinating themes and I ended up in a great promotion class with people I love”. See how cool Alsaciens can be ?!

When asked the question of the future and what she wants to do, Chloe said “If someone knows, I’ll gladly hear the answer !! Lately, I’ve been thinking of becoming prime minister (Hello Doctotheatre group) or maybe even president ! But I’m not sure yet. Otherwise, I’m thinking of continuing with a PhD (but the choice of the subject, lab and city is really complicated) to one day become a university lecturer. But I can’t say much more today.” Well Philipandrem how are you going to pay for your suit ?

When asked why she joined the ranks of Doctoneuro, she answered “I’m not really into associations normally, but Doctoneuro (and it’s the reason why I’m so proud to ba associated to that group of crazy scientists) does a lot for the students, and for the general public with the missions in schools, the Telethon, for the Fete de la Science, the week of the brain… Doctoneyro is open to everyone and is directed towards everyone and that’s why I love this association.” Can’t pay for this kind of advertisement…

Her ideas for the association are to “Develop more scientific vulgarisation, presented as conferences or blogs, with articles on scientific subjects written by volunteers”.

Her last words : “ “Be true to yourself above all else”. The literary oriented among you will have recognized Hamlet, the philosophers see a way to never be disloyal to anyone, whereas us poor scientific students try to use this advice to choose a future path ! But to finish on a more joyful note : Have fun, Doctoneuro organizes awesome parties just for that.”