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After the end of a term affected by the Covid-19 outreach that forced us to cancel our most popular events, a new Doctoneuro Board was elected on November 13th 2020 and is now prepared to pursue our activities on new formats suited for the present situation. Your devoted crew of master students, PhD students and (for the first time) engineer in neuroscience is composed by:

  • Léa BECKER (Chairwoman) & Sarah JOURNEE (1st Vice-Chairwoman)
  • Baptiste BRULE (Secretary) & Guillaume VANOTTI (Vice-Secretary)
  • Clémence GIERE (Treasurer) & Marion SCHOTT (Vice-Treasurer)
  • Quentin LEBOULLEUX & Lucien RUELLE-LE-GLAUNEC (CARE Ambassadors)
  • Federica LARANO FACCINI & Louise VIAL-MARKIEWICZ (Scientific Animation Ambassadors)
  • Aurore BRUNET & Robin KUSTER (Pedagogy Ambassadors)
  • Sonja DOMANOVIC (Communication Ambassador)

And our lovely support members: Arthur DELAGE, Calire TERZULLI, Coline PORTET, Coline RIEBEL, Louis HILFIGER, Ilona BOUVARD, Perrine KRETZ, Volodya HOVAHANNISYAN.

Cohesion Animation & Student Relation

Feeling lonely at night in this difficult period? Doctoneuro has your back. Join us on the first Thurdsday of each month at 8p.m. for our online game nights. We propose a wide variety of game (among us, werewolf, skribble, gartic phone, carcassone, blind tests, more) & us.

The only thing you need is to join our discord. So, hop in you cosiest pajama, get yourself some snacks and drinks and play with us!

Scientific Animation

Do you like science? Do you like sitting on your couch? Well, we have the perfect event for you!

Join us for the Neurotechs, where students and young researchers meet to present and discuss the techniques they use, all in a relaxed and friendly (and virtual) environment. After two successful sessions on February 25th and April 1st we are preparing an Alumni session with former PhD and master students from Strasbourg that should take place by the end of May.


You prefer to convey knowledge and meet people curious about neuroscience? Note that the association also creates events for the general public and children. The special situation this year forces us to change the way we operate, but that does not prevent us from innovating. We are in the process of developing videos for the popularization of neuroscience, we will be involved in annual scientific events and we plan to intervene directly in contact with high school students to introduce them neuroscience research.

One of our current projects is to enable Bachelor and Master students in biology and psychology to discover the diversity of neuroscience research in Strasbourg. It also aims to create a direct proximity between doctoral students and undergraduate students who are just entering university, which is so lacking because of the current situation. The event will take place at the end of May, so if you would like to share your work with students and potentially help them with their orientation, or if you have any other questions about this project, please do not hesitate to contact us!

As always we are gladly open to any people interested in helping us with our various activities. Also, if you want to start a project but are lacking the skills or searching for help please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to start new event for our neuroscience community!

Here are some link/info that could be useful:

Our Discord (for game night but also if you want to look for help regarding internship or neuroscience in general):

Email address:

We are also reachable on almost every social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter).

We can’t wait to (virtually) meet you soon!

Doctoneuro Board