NeuroStra Scientific Day

Événement à venir

A whole day of scientific presentations by young brains of the Institute: new PIs, PhD students, postdoctorate fellows. And Dr. Claire Rampon (CBI, Toulouse) as invited plenary lecturer.

8 décembre 2021
9h 18h
Forum médecine, 4 rue Kirschleger, Strasbourg


NeuroStra is organising its first scientific day on Wednesday 8 December from 9 am to 6 pm at the Forum of the Faculty of Medicine.

Plenary lecture

Claire RAMPON, Research Director at the CNRS, director of the Centre for Research on Animal Cognition (CRCA) at the Centre for Integrative Biology (CBI) in Toulouse (CNRS teams and Toulouse III Paul-Sabatier University).

Presentation: Manipulating adult neurogenesis to improve cognitive function in Alzheimer's disease

Lectures by newly recruited PIs

Dr. Yaroslav SYCH, young team leader recruited at INCI during the NeuroStra "Young Group Leader 2021" call.
Presentation: Sensory discrimination tasks engage the mesoscale brain activity and the noradrenaline release 

Dr. Éléna CHABRAN, MCU Faculty of Medicine, iCube (team IMIS) UMR 7357
Presentation: Multimodal imaging of brain changes in cognitive neurodegenerative diseases and language disorders

Dr. Tsvetan SERCHOV, CRCN at CNRS, INCI UPR 3212
Presentation: The role of the circadian clock in the pathophysiology and rapid treatment of depression

Dr. Raphaelle CASSEL, MCU Faculty of Life Sciences, Inserm U1118
Presentation: Study of the molecular and behavioural effects of cytoplasmic delocalization of FUS in adult mice

Dr. Meggane MELCHIOR, MCU Faculty of Psychology, LNCA UMR 7364
Presentation: Impact of early life environment on pain experience throughout the life span

Blitz lectures by doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows

We invite our young researchers, PhD and post-doctoral students, to apply to present their work during the scientific blitz session. Beyond the importance of presenting their results to a large audience, it is also a possibility to win quality prizes for the 3 best performances.

How to participate in the blitz:

Send an summary in English of your presentation to Only 10 presentations will be selected.
Format of a blitz conference: 6 min presentation + 3 min questions

Deadline: 19 November 2021


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