A novel layer of epigenetic regulation in the brain, impacting genes associated with neurological disorders

Événement passé

by Lucile MARION-POLL, University of Geneva

27 juin 2022
14h 16h
CRBS Auditorium, 1 Rue Eugène Boeckel, Strasbourg

Dr. Lucile Marion-Poll, Research and Teaching Fellow at the University of Geneva, studies epigenetic mechanisms in relation to neurological disorders. She will mainly present her postdoctoral work on epigenetic modalities of allelic gene expression performed in the team of Pr Edith Heard (EMBL, Heidelberg).

She recently joined Pr Christian Lüscher’s group “Addiction and dopamine system”, and her current research focuses on basal ganglia pathologies, using single-cell and epigenomic approaches.



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