Federative Day for Neuroscience in Strasbourg FDNS | 2018, April 20th

Celebrating Doctoneuro 15th anniversary and Neuroscience in Strasbourg

Neuroscience is now at the forefront of global research, both at the fundamental and clinical levels. The University of Strasbourg has been involved in this discipline since the early 2000s by creating three master’s degrees in neuroscience:

  • Cellular and Integrative Neuroscience (NCI)
  • Cognitive Neuroscience (NCO)
  • Joint Master in Neuroscience (JMN, international master)

With the Strasbourg Federative Day of Neuroscience (JFSN in French), we wanted to celebrate our 15-year participation in scientific sharing, charity and popularization events in the field of neuroscience. This event was held on April 20th 2018.

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After 15 years of collective work, and for its 2nd year as an association affiliated with the University of Strasbourg, we had the pleasure of offering our community a day dedicated to sharing.

In a world where neuroscience is the third scientific revolution, after genetics and computer science, we were delighted to have a community of researchers, professors, engineers, technicians and students committed to coming together and advancing Strasbourg neuroscience together.

On April 20th 2018, science brought us together at the MISHA* where students and expert speakers presented their work. The behaviour of rodents, dissection of neural circuits, mitochondrial function and regulation of inflammation by microRNA: this day showed the abundance and extent of our field. All this was accompanied by a buffet where everyone could share a drink and treats.

To end on a high note, an evening in honour of neuroscience brought together 130 guests at the Palais de la Musique et des Congrès in Strasbourg. All the ingredients were in place to create a friendly evening. Until three in the morning (for the bravest), this event was the perfect opportunity to strengthen the intergenerational bonds necessary to solidify everyone’s sense of belonging to our community.

This sunny day demonstrated our ability to defend values that are common to us and that will always define us: the exchange, cohesion and sharing of knowledge.

* Maison Interuniversitaire des Sciences de l'Homme-Alsace

Dr. A Quintana  "Running out of batteries": Dissecting cell type-spectific contribution to mitochondrial disease

David Roig-Carles  MicroRNA regulation of blood brain barrier in health and neuroinflammation

Dr. Luigi Bellocchio  From cell type to subcellular localization: neuroanatomical & functional heterogeneity in CB1 signaling

Dr. Sean Hill  Neuroinformatics & the Multiscale Brain: from genes to brain states & behaviour - Plenary lecture


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