Newsletter February 2024

Téléthon charity feedbacks - Doctoneuro sweaters - Neurothem - Doctoneuro Week-end

Welcome to Doctoneuro's Newsletter !

2024 has well started and it is time to present you what are the amazing ongoing  projects at Doctoneuro's board

Téléthon charity night Feedbacks – 19.12.2023

The last tuesday before Xmas holidays, we organized a charity concert at the K'fet des Sciences, with music played by the Mygales Détendues and collected money was given to Téléthon.

Thanks to you and your amazing energy, it was a huge success and we collected 400€ that were distributed to Téléthon.

Doctoneuro's sweaters are on their way !

We do not forget you, the warmy 2023-2024 doctoneuro sweater that you ordered are on their way to join your labs and classrooms.

 Stay tuned to be able to recover it as soon as we'll receive it !

NeuroThem events

New this year, NeuroTechs are replaced by Neurothems. The aim is to talk about neuroscience thematics, in an unofficial and chill atmosphere at the K'fet des Sciences, all of this followed by memorable parties.

You voted for the subjects of the year which will be 2 of these 3: Social Interactions / Lifestyle Influence / Other models

To give these events the success they deserve, we need you to present your subjects of work. 

Either you are PhD student, PostDoc, Researcher or anything else, you can register here as speaker: ;

Note that PhD students can validate equivalency hours to present at a NeuroThem

 Doctoneuro Week-End & parties, we need your ideas !

Our cohesion department is working hard to prepare your next festive event !

If you are interested in giving a hand to organize the festive parts of NeuroThems nights, or to think about the fun and original activities that we could set up during Doctoneuro's weekend, do not hesitate to contact us !

Oh !... About that.... you should maybe book your April 6-7th week-end


Plenty of other projects are on the starting block !

Stay tuned and do not hesitate to join our board meetings if you are curious to know more and be implicated in their succesfull onset

Thanks a lot for reading us, see you next month!