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A little history  From 2002 to now

The history of the Doctoneuro collective began in 2002, at the same time as the creation of the Strasbourg Master of Neuroscience. The idea was to bring cohesion to a student community built on a common interest in neuroscience.

The collective’s mission has been passed down from generation to generation: students who have graduated with a PhD from the University of Strasbourg have moved on and passed the torch on to younger students to ensure that the cycle always continues.

In 2016, Doctoneuro became a student association of the University of Strasbourg. Our background as a collective allows us to benefit from a high reputation and positive recognition among institutions and the teaching staff.

Doctoneuro brings together master’s students, PhD students, post-doctoral fellows, researchers and all other people working in the field of neuroscience. We like to position ourselves at the junction between the various actors of student and professional life to enable cohesion and the development of the University of Strasbourg’s resources.

Each year, we have over a hundred members, spread over at least 4 research units in Strasbourg. Our actions are supported by the NeuroStra and benefit from partnerships with the European association Neurex, which are also broadcast on social networks. We are proud to extend ourselves beyond borders for a European sharing of knowledge.