Tant de Cerveau Disponible 2017-2018

Tant de Cerveau Disponible  2016-17

The body’s presidential elections are fast approaching as the brain is shaken by attacks also known as strokes. Claimed by the Organisation of the Ischemic State, these accidents undermine the current President’s speech. His fiercest opponents, Jean-Luc Myélinanchon and Emmanuel Macronphage, intend to take advantage of this opportunity to win the great presidential debate.

Will the instigators of these attacks be exposed? Will red blood cells once again be used as a scapegoat? Who will win the great presidential debate?

Complete video of the play

Invitation to Epinal festival  Les Larmes du Rire

We were invited to perform again, at the festival Les Larmes du Rire in Épinal. On this occasion, a special day was organized around neuroscience. In the morning, the members of the troupe went to meet the students of Épinal. At the end of the day, Jean-Christophe Cassel, a professor at the University of Strasbourg, gave a conference on the theme of laughter and its effect on our body. Finally, in the evening, our amateur creation was performed in front of the audience of Les Larmes du Rire.

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