HaPpY, a European Joint Doctorate (EJD)


A programme coordinated by Ipek Yalcin, INCI

Comorbidity of cHronicPain and mood disorders: breaking the vicious cYcle

HaPpY network has been initiated to respond to a health and societal crisis induced by the increasing number of patients presenting comorbities between chronic pain and mood disorders. Preclinicians, clinicians and non academic partners from 8 countries join their forces to open new horizons to better understand this comorbidity.

15 Early Science Researcher positions financed by EU MSCA ITN

Our coordinated programme, including trainings and network-wide events all around Europe and Canada, aims to train a new generation of talented and multidisciplinary researchers.

To learn more about the HaPpYproject and for your application, please visit


Applications will be open from the 24th of May to the 1st of August.


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